Artificial Grass by Art-Grass

Artificial grass as a great solution for a safe, low-maintenance garden and a successful alternative to real grass

About US

    We believe that innovative 100% European made products with a industry leading 10 year warranty, together with first rate customer service have made us the leading name for artificial grass in United Kingdom.

   All Seasons Artificial Grass in UK value’s each and every customer and we will spend extra time to ensure your synthetic grass installation runs smoothly from your first contact with us through to the final install.

Our Team

Since our founding, we’ve worked with numerous clients throughout the area. Great service begins and ends with experienced and friendly professionals, which is why we put so much consideration into selecting only the best to join our team. We complete projects efficiently and on schedule, and go above and beyond to form lasting relationships with our clients.

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Why Should You Use OUR Artificial Grass?

Artificial Grass, sometimes known as fake grass or synthetic lawn has really come into its own in the last few years. Modern synthetic lawns are now increasingly common. With natural looks as good as the ‘real thing’ and strong environmentally friendly benefits, it really is a green alternative. Artificial grass is virtually maintenance free, you can use it all year round without having to maintain it in terms of cutting, trimming or weeding.

 Our artificial grass is perfect for gardens, patios, balconies, pool sides, play areas, sports fields, putting greens and has a diverse range of uses both residentially and commercially. Providing durability, low maintenance and all-weather use, artificial turf is the perfect solution. With our 10 year guarantee, over 15 years experience and truly exceptional installation service, A Bit of Green are the names to trust in the artificial grass sector.

 Our Installation Process for Plastic Grass

 We offer three different types of artificial grass installation.

  • Full Astro Grass Installation

    • You choose the type of artificial grass and we do all the rest for you! how to lay artificial grass

  • Supply & Fit artificial grass 

    • Once you have chosen the right artificial grass for you, you will need to prepare the area for us to then supply and fit!

  • Supply Only artificial grass 

    • We will supply the artificial grass of your choice to your desired location and leave the fitting to you! 

Art-Grass Artificial turf products have the most innovative turf you can get. The grass fibres shape is copied from natural grass, to make it look indistinguishable from real. Our Technology gives the artificial grass a matt, silky colour and minimum glare. The backbone of the fibres make them stand up for a longer time than other artificial grass brands. Our grass is safe for children, animals and environment and meets international standards. A durable and beautiful solution for your garden, balcony or even indoor use!

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Installations service in London and throughout All UK.

We can complete the full process for you :

There are several steps in installing your new artificial lawn:

  • Plan and clear the area your lawn is going to go. We will send a member of our team to measure the area and take you through what will happen and tht we meet your expectations. Clearing the area is the removal of your old lawn where we dig down to a depth of 60mm. This waste is removed and the next stage can begin.

  • Create an edge. If the area does not have a natural perimeter we will need to put in an edging material to ensure the new base is contained within the lawn area.

  • Apply weed membrane. This is essential to the new lawn as this membrane stops the chance of any weeds working their way up and growing through the lawn.

  • Lay the base. There are two parts to the base, firstly a 50mm deep section of type 1 MOT aggregate, this is levelled using a whacker plate but is still a fully permeable surface. On top of this goes a 10mm section of grit sand/granite dust, again levelled and compressed using the whacker plate.

  • Lay the artificial grass. Now the magic finally takes place when your new artificial lawn is put into place on the perfectly flat base. The lawn is secured at the edges ensuring it is taught so no ripples or bumps occur. It is finished off with an infill of silica sand to add weight and stability to the new lawn.

  • Once your installation is complete one of our operation managers will contact you to make sure you are happy with the installation and service provided, it is extremely important to ASST, that you have a stress free experience.

  • For those that have rental or investment properties or if you are time poor, we offer a maintenance service. This includes inspection of the lawn to make sure pegs are secure and the sand is level, a brush up and groom and if you have a pet, we can clean your grass with our latest P-OFF pet urine remover.

Frequently asked questions

the installation process

  1. Remove all existing earth, grass and root base down to a required depth using the turf–cutter. (We will remove all waste from site).
  2. Supply and fit heavy duty geo-textile to act as a weed membrane.
  3. Prepare consolidated aggregate base using specialist material.
  4. Level and compact aggregate with the wacker plate.
  5. Supply and fit grass of your choice.
  6. Apply sand infill (subject to size) using a specialist drop spreader.
  7. Final brushing of entire area using our specialist equipment.
  8. Clean and tidy up all surrounding areas ready for hand over and authorised sign off (Please note we will require a signature before the installation team leave site).

how long does artificial grass last ?

Our quality grass will last 10 years !!!

Can fake grass be used indoors?

Our grasses can be used indoors and there are a number of examples for doing so! Businesses often keep a roll handy to use as an artificial grass carpet, perfect for creating a welcome and relaxing environment at trade shows or for sprucing up an indoor bistro or breakout area. You could certainly use the grass as an alternative to traditional carpet,

Is artificial grass good for dogs?

Soft, dense and luxurious, Our artificial grass for dogs is completely safe and suitable as they love to roll around!

How can artificial grass help people get outdoors?

Artificial grass can make life much easier for people with different levels of ability and are artificially improving lifestyles of many people throughout the UK. Overgrown areas, and muddy patches quickly become difficult and dangerous to use, but everyone still wants a lovely garden to look out to. Artificial grass eliminates these problems, so people can get outside more easily and don’t need to struggle with a lot of maintenance for their lawn.

Can you lay artificial grass on concrete?

You can lay artificial grass on concrete, but you have to keep in mind that it does not provide the best surface for drainage compared to a full lawn installation with a drainage sub-base. This means that water is likely to take longer to drain away, or the grass takes longer to dry.

Do Art-Grass offer any other landscaping services?

Art Grass specialise in artificial lawn installations and this is our primary service available all year round. From October to the end of January we are able to offer additional Art-Grass landscaping services to our customers in the form of fencing and patio installations. Art Grass fencing and patio are installation only services (meaning we do not stock any products for purchase) and some regional restrictions apply. These services can be requested separately or in combination with an artificial lawn. Our teams have a lot of experience in landscaping and groundwork, so if there is something you have in mind for your garden project it’s always a good idea to ask your surveyor if it is possible. If you’re interested in fencing or patio installation give us a call to arrange a quote.

What is artificial grass made of?

A common questions is “whats is Artificial grass made of” as many companies will be different to others. Art grass is made of durable plastic polymers polyethylene and polypropylene. Our grasses are made of either or a combination of these materials depending on the type of lawn you are interested in as each plastic has its own specific properties which make it right for a certain look. These are lightweight plastics that are extremely resistant to damage, which is why our lawns have a guarantee of at least 8 years. Some of our grasses including have a guarantee of 10 years. This also covers against fading from sunlight. If you are thinking of installing artificial grass yourself we would recommend having someone help you, as even though it is made of lightweight materials, an entire roll can be heavy to handle on your own.

What makes Art Grass different?

he key factors that differentiate Artificial Grass are: We pride ourselves on the quality of our installation. Only the best tools and materials are used to ensure the smoothest installation possible. This includes the use of a stable, free draining sub-base comprising of between 40-60mm Type 1 aggregate and 15-25mm grano dust levelled off and the covering of a weed membrane to keep your lawn level and weed-free. At the end of an installation you will find that there is waste left over from the removal of the existing lawn and the laying of the artificial lawn. Other companies will leave these materials for you to dispose of, at Art Grass we always remove all of the waste. This way you are not surprised by any mess you have to clean up and are left with a tidy garden for immediate enjoyment. Art-Grass have been installing fake grass for many years and as such have an in-depth knowledge and passion for our product. By choosing Art Grass you are guaranteed a quality installation by a trained and experienced team.

What kind of base do you use to install Artificial Grass

One of the main reasons to buy artificial grass is to save yourself from muddy messes. Art Grass always lay an aggregate sub-base when installing to ensure easy and free draining. After the existing lawn is removed to a depth of between 60mm and 80mm, a stabilisation geo-textile is laid to prevent any materials migrating into the ground. A sub-base consisting of type 1 limestone is then installed to a depth of between 40mm and 60mm. Limestone is a porous type of aggregate, which allows for reliable drainage. Then a layer of grano dust is installed to a depth of between 15mm and 25mm. Both of these layers are compacted individually and smoothed off at an even and consistent level ensuring a stable draining base for years to come.

Can artificial grass be laid on a playground?

Artificial grass can be laid on almost any surface that is flat, and in good condition. We provide soft, child-friendly Artificial Grass playground surface. If you would like to convert an area of hard playground with artificial grass without taking up the existing surface, then we can provide a lay only solution. In these cases artificial grass is often installed with a shock pad layer underneath. This provides a softer feel underfoot which is closer to the feel of natural earth. We can also provide Rubber Edging around the perimeter of the grass to reduce trip hazards from crossing from one surface to another.