Art-Grass offers you the necessary ACCESSORIES for the installation.

In case you would like to install the artificial grass yourself, you can find all the necessary materials here. These are also used by our own installers and have been improved and developed over the many years of experience. As such, you are assured of the quality and effectiveness.


Heavy-duty non-woven geotextile membrane designed specifically to prevent weeds from growing through your artificial lawn. Used to prevent weed growth, and excessive settlement by separating the sub-base from the underlying layers. To be installed prior to sub-base installation, along with an optional layer directly under your artificial turf.

  • Designed specifically for artificial lawns.

  • Prevents weed growth.

  • Prevents excessive settlement.

  • Non-woven.

  • Heavy-duty.

  • Permeable (free draining)

  • 2.1m wide rolls for quick installation.

  • Cut to your required size – only pay for what you need.

Artificial Grass Accesories2_edited.jpg

Art-Grass 150mm synthetic turf nails are designed to go straight through extra hard soil and rock. These nails are the alternative to U-pins when dealing with a harder surface. Nails are applied 200 – 250mm apart around edges and joins.

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Art-Grass  is designed to quickly and easily join sections of synthetic grass together. joining tape is used to secure two pieces of artificial grass together to create a strong, seamless join.

Artificial Grass Accesories5_edited.jpg

Art-Grass U-pins are 140mm in length with green tip so you will not see then once installed. Pins are designed for use around edges and through joins of synthetic grass.

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5kg  Multi-Purpose artificial grass glue (adhesive) is a two-part adhesive used to securely join artificial grass to our special joining tape to create an ultra-strong, waterproof join. Also used to bond foam underlay to a variety of substrates, such as concrete.

5kg tub with 0.5kg hardener.

FREE next working day delivery (when ordered before 11 am).


  • Formulated to form a high bond strength.

  • 5kg tub typically covers up to 12m of tape.

  • Easy to use.

  • Produces a strong, seamless join.