Synthetic Cricket Pitches

If you have a cricket pitch that needs a little TLC or you’re thinking about creating a new games space for your sports centre, synthetic grass is the way to go.

A rising number of cricket clubs and sports centres are choosing synthetic grass for their pitches and playing surfaces.

There are plenty of perks to investing in artificial sports grass and as UK  synthetic cricket pitches experts, we’re going to tell you why.

Benefits of synthetic cricket pitches

    As synthetic sports grass experts, we’ve noticed a big uptake in artificial grass for cricket playing surfaces—and for good reason…

  • Synthetic cricket pitches are incredibly durable and can withstand plenty of footfall which means that they last for decades. An excellent return on investment.

  • While regular pitches are turfed with high-grade sports grass that require a great deal of maintenance, synthetic cricket pitches need minimal maintenance, saving you time and money in the process.

  • Synthetic pitches don’t need constant watering so they are sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

  • Top-quality synthetic sports grass enhances the look and feel of a cricket pitch, making the playing experience more enjoyable and rewarding.






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