Relax – You won’t be cutting the lawn every weekend which gives you more time to chill in the garden or have fun with the children. This is a child friendly product that can be used all year round as neither the kids or pets will be bringing dirty footprints into the house after being on the lawn. The children’s clothes will be cleaner as there will be no more grass stains to worry about. For those that suffer from Hay-Fever the pollen count from the lawn has just been dramatically reduced to zero. This is just a win win situation.


By purchasing and installing an artificial lawn through Art-Grass you are guaranteed that rain, hail or shine your lawn is going to be looking awesome – regardless of the time of year. Your neighbours will look on with jealousy as they mow, rake and water their way through the weekend, while you get on with the things that are more meaningful to you.


Now is the time to regain your weekend, save money, take care of the environment and have a magnificent looking lawn – all year round.


Need more convincing? Here’s why your residence needs an artificial lawn.

Save cash and take care of the environment!

Saving money – Yes the initial outlay for the installation can seem costly but once installed you start saving money, your water bill will be reduced as you don’t have constantly water the lawn. You won’t need all the equipment needed to maintain a real lawn, also the fuel or electricity costs will drop too. You’ll save on pesticides and fertilisers as they are no longer required.


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