Artificial Grass Maintenance

Artificial Grass Maintenance

As mentioned above the lawn is a low maintenance product and will need to have a little bit of care from time to time. We are here to help at any time and offer a professional clean whenever you feel it is required. We will remove debris from the lawn and clear it away for you, wash and shampoo the grass and then use the brush used during installation to get the grass standing proud again. Your lawn will look like it had just been installed again. As already mentioned we are here to help you throughout the whole process and can be contacted at anytime to answer any questions you may have so please don not hesitate to give us a call on 02080640788 


How can we help maintain your artificial grass?

Keeping your synthetic lawn looking beautiful is easy to do on your own as it mainly requires repairs and replacements. You can do it on your own. However, if you want to get things done by professionals, we are here to help you! Working with artificial grass experts will not only save you time, money and effort but will also give your lawn a beautiful look all over again!

While Australian made artificial grass is built to last and can resist high traffic, even the highest quality material can become damaged over time. If a section of your lawn needs to be replaced, trust that we can provide the perfect piece of new turf for a seamless repair.

We don’t just repair or replace; we also offer the best advice and tips that you will hardly get from other turf installers.