Art-Grass, Artificial Grass Range

Comfort Inspiration

A synthetic turf is above all a long-term investment in terms of time and maintenance costs: having a garden always in order, without the need for mowing and treatment, is priceless. Your lawn will remain perfect: it is draining, resistant to U.V. rays, to chemical agents and to rigid temperatures.

LAYING Very high density of filaments, no support of sand: do you know that your Art-Grass synthetic turf can be laid quickly and without invasive interventions? The construction system indeed provides a particular thick structure of fibers, an element that makes it self-supporting, as well as safe in case of falls and resistant to foot traffic.

Instant Recovery Artificial Grass_edited

Instant Recovery Artificial Grass

Pile Height -  38mm

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Play Suitability

Softness -Polyethylene/Nylon

Pile Density- Triple Layer Density

100%-recyclable Arificial Grass_edited.j

Fully Recyclable

UV Stabilized 

Pet Friendly Artificial Grass_edited.jpg

Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

High drainage performance

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