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Galaxy Green


Combining beautiful multi-coloured grass blades with a dense multi-coloured thatch to create a natural appearance with a realistic feel and superior strength. Our softest, most comfortable variety of grass ever created.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, Galaxy Green employs a multi-coloured fusion of natural grass colours and thick tan thatch zone to create our softest, most realistic looking turf variety to date. At a full 40mm pile height, with a shaped grass blades combine with dense thatch create a luxuriously soft and alluring synthetic grass. When installed this turf variety replicates the real thing so closely, it will be a challenge for your neighbours to tell if it’s real grass or if its fake.

Instant Recovery Artificial Grass_edited

Instant Recovery Artificial Grass

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Play Suitability

100%-recyclable Arificial Grass_edited.j

Fully Recyclable

Pet Friendly Artificial Grass_edited.jpg

Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

Pile Height -  40mm

Softness -Polyethylene/Nylon

Pile Density- Triple Layer Density

UV Stabilized 

High drainage performance

More than 2000 Projects

More than 50 Locations