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Art-Wall, Artificial Flower Wall

A beautiful and simple solution to enhancing shaded areas of the garden or even as a living wall in the house, such as the kitchen or by the pool. The natural-look, artificial green wall offers exceptional quality and elegance with the added benefit of not requiring costly irrigation systems. Hand built in the UK on a galvanised steel frame, using the highest quality materials, Art-wall is crafted with ultra-realistic artificial wall plant arrangements and multi-directional artificial flowers that accurately mirror the look and feel of natural vertical flora and fauna. The foliage used has been tested under ultraviolet light for over 5000 hours so you are safe in the knowledge it is not going to fade and discolour

art-wall Luxury3_edited.jpg

Premium Luxury Wall

 this is a full display with the majority of the plant being whiter in colour

  Charming Nature Wall

 Full foliage display predominantly green in colour

Artificial Flower WallJD_edited.jpg
Artificial Flower WallRB2_edited.jpg

Harmony Wall

the final in the full fauna range which contains a majority of reddish plants

Elegance  Wall

this display has half the flora and fauna of the other displays with a lean towards the whiter plants

Artificial Flower Wall JL6_edited.jpg