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Synthetic Tennis Court Lawns

With the popularity, durability and affordability of synthetic turf, it’s no wonder why players and sports centers are opting for this product over natural grass.

A synthetic Turf Tennis court is a surface covered by polypropylene or polyethylene grass fibers packed with the graded sand top application that gives it it’s firm surface for the perfect bounce.

Artificial grass tennis court surfaces are used by players consistently for both local and international tennis games competitions.

At Art-Grass, we have extensive experience and a real passion for synthetic grass. Our number 1 priority is to ensure we provide you with the right solution for your artificial tennis court turf requirements. Trust the experts at Art-Grass with your tennis court and enquire now for a free consultation.

The benefits of Art-Grass Artificial Grass Include but not limited to:

  • Manicured lush green artificial lawn that feels and looks great all year long.

  • No fuss – doesn’t require mowing or watering

  • Reduces allergy-triggering pollens

  • Reduces turf infesting insects

  • Reduces dirt and grass clippings in the pool and house.                         Contact us today or to call us on 02080640788 to request for a free quote or expert advice. 






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