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Luxury Green

   Kids are going to jump, run, spin, and skip their little hearts out, so make sure when they fall, they land safely on Art-Grass Luxury Green, with a consistent surface safe for children and ultra-durable construction that can withstand even the harshest punishment from their little feet. Common playtime injuries can be dramatically reduced or eliminated when replacing traditional.

Luxury Green artificial grass is natural looking, hard wearing and attractive to look at, making any garden or open space look spectacular. We would highly recommend it as the ideal artificial grass for the garden.

With a 40mm pile, Luxury Green benefits from our unique natural look technology to ensure a ‘natural look’ from every angle. Ideal for everything from small terraces to large gardens, Luxury Green is a versatile artificial turf that’s as close to the real thing as you can find!

Instant Recovery Artificial Grass_edited

Instant Recovery Artificial Grass

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Play Suitability

100%-recyclable Arificial Grass_edited.j

Fully Recyclable

Pet Friendly Artificial Grass_edited.jpg

Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

Pile Height -  40mm

Softness -Polyethylene/Nylon

Pile Density- Triple Layer Density

UV Stabilized 

High drainage performance

More than 1700 Projects

More than 50 Locations