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Art-Grass, Artificial Grass Range

Elite Harmony

   Landscape Artificial Grass with natural colours, soft and fine yarn, which is the best replacement of natural grass. It has been widely used for different applications.
Art-Grass Elite Harmony is a 50 mm in height. This higher fibber grass carpet looks full, but freshly mowed. True luxury in your garden! This artificial grass has the unique shaped fiber, which mimics nature for a stunning natural appearance. Special technology  and fiber has a mat, silky colour and has strongly reduced reflection, preventing the turf to have a ‘unrealistic and plastic look’.
Realistic Artificial Turf Designed in UK
Never to be forgotten, the highly realistic nature of the artificial grass we provide will be sure to impress the neighbours and do wonders for your curb appeal. No matter what time of year it is, you are going to have a green and full lawn that is bound to catch everyone’s attention. Also, it is so realistic; they might even ask you how you kept your lawn alive in the winter!
There has never been a better time to call and find out more about the possibility of getting turf installed for your lawn. Give us a shout out today to find out more about pricing for your synthetic turf needs.

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Instant Recovery Artificial Grass

Pile Height -  50mm

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Play Suitability

Softness -Polyethylene/Nylon

Pile Density- Triple Layer Density

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Fully Recyclable

UV Stabilized 

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Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

High drainage performance

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