Synthetic Putting Greens 

Art-Grass is experts at transforming any piece of land into a professional-grade putting green. This is the ideal solution for the amateur or professional golfer who wants to improve their chipping, putting and overall short game from the comfort of their own home.

We’re experts at installing into both commercial and residential locations, and our greens are suitable for local golf clubs, hotels, businesses, and home gardens.

Artificial greens are designed to mimic natural golf surfaces, providing something that looks and feels just like natural grass, but is available all year round and doesn’t require maintenance. Upping your golf game has never been easier!

Why not add a putting feature to your garden or grounds today?

Advantages Of Installing an Artificial Green!

An artificial green is an excellent investment for anyone who loves to practice their golf game or is catering for others with this passion. The many advantages this type of green has over a natural grass solution make it the ideal practice solution.

  • Benefits include:

  • Play All Year Round

  • Suitable in Any Location

  • Increased Durability

  • Easy to Maintain






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